You can now book 3 unique yet different spaces at This Is Loco for any kind of occasion. 

A 75 m2 multifunctional space, that accommodates up to 20-25 persons. The 1st floor provides a quiet cosy work and study setting that is suitable for study dates, small presentations, and meetings. Along with a touch of diverse art to keep you inspired.

Our ground floor is a bright and open space of 150 m2. Featuring its original terrazzo floor, while the interior combines a rustic and industrial style ready to be celebrated by you and your guests, it is fully equipped for private events, dinners, catering, tasting, and even business meetings; seating up to 50 – 60 persons, and 150 standing. 

The basement serves as a broad private space, alongside its warm luminating lights, and spacious concrete walls; it is the perfect combination to host exhibitions, gallery showrooms, and business events. The 150m2 space is convenient for a large crowd of up to 70 -100 persons.

We are excited to provide and help you organise your event! For more information contact: